Lighting Repairs and Installations in Windsor and Fort Collins, CO

You depend heavily on your electrical system to help you manage your day-to-day affairs. You need power to charge your phone, run your appliances, and light your home while you work late into the evening hours. When your electricity fails, you need prompt and professional service so you can get on with your life quickly.

Call on Chadwick Home Services whenever you need electrical work including lighting repairs and installations in Fort Collins, CO or the surrounding areas!

Our electricians excel at wiring repair, lighting, and electrical installations. Whether you need a new ceiling fan or you want to upgrade your circuit panel, you can count on our team to perform any electrical work that needs to be done quickly and efficiently.

If you need more examples of what we do, feel free to browse our services pages or check out our gallery!

Rather than live with outdated or faulty wiring, call our Windsor, Colorado office to schedule an appointment today!

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