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As a family, Chadwick Home Services has been fixing electrical issues and home wiring, and completing circuit repair in and around Loveland, Colorado for three generations! Over that time, Chadwick has become known for putting honesty and integrity above all else. Currently, Tad (Gale and Judy’s third son) oversees Chadwick Home Services and continues to provide the utmost quality and attention to detail for each and every project.

If you live in Loveland, or in a surrounding city, give us a call! We provide the following services for residents. If you don’t see something listed below, please give us a call so we can come up with a custom solution.

If you’re goal is to save more money, we can also help you choose and install LED lighting throughout your house. Depending on how your room is positioned in relation to the sun, you’ll want to choose a different kind of LED lighting for each one. There are all sorts of different colors you can pick out that helps set the tone for every room in your house! Give us a call for a consultation with an experienced electrician in the Loveland area. 


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