Lighting Installations in Fort Collins and Windsor, Colorado

Even the smallest of changes to your lighting can make the biggest of impacts on your home and mood. If you need help with indoor and outdoor lighting installation, security lights, or do-it-yourself projects, Chadwick Home Services is here to light the way for you in Fort Collins, Loveland, and Windsor. 


There are so many lighting options and each type of lighting is as unique as the home you plan to install the lights in. You might have a bright idea that you’d like to try and install yourself. Choose from a variety of recessed lighting, utility lights, flush mounts or any other light fixture, but if you choose to install any light fixture by yourself, be careful and have an electrician handy in case anything goes wrong.

If you feel the project may be too intense, you can always get our input on what you’re trying to accomplish with your lighting.

Indoor Lighting

Not enough light in your home?

Do you have rooms that seem too dull or too dark?

Ceiling lights establish a room’s true character by illuminating a vast majority of the room.
Wall lights amplify your room’s overall warmth and charm.
If you’re looking to boost your energy efficiency, adding a ceiling fan light will keep your room both glowing and cool at the same time.

Proper indoor lighting can make a specific room or entire home come to life. Whether you’re looking to create a movie theater room, a dining room with a romantic vibe, or a bright living room for social gatherings, the appropriate lighting sets the mood. Installing a light dimmer switch may be a good idea to keep you in control of the right lighting and mood for whatever the room, whatever the occasion.

Outdoor Lighting

In Colorado, most of us like to spend time outdoors as much as possible.
Not only does outdoor lighting add more beauty and curb appeal to your home, it cheers people up and provides safety by allowing you to better see where you walk. Outdoor lighting also provides extra security by keeping danger and unwelcome guests off of your well-lit property.


Your home is one of your most valuable assets, as it protects you and your family from harm and unwelcome guests. Protect your home with security lighting which helps deter intruders outside your home, while alerting you and other occupants who are inside your home.

Whether you choose to install motion-activated lights that turn on when there’s outside activity, porch lights that can be left on, floodlights that keep your home well-lit, or spot lights, adding extra lighting will help keep your home and family safe from danger. A lot of security lighting options can either be done by our expert professionals or simply by yourself.

We also offer lighting repairs and LED lighting installation.

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