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LED Lights on Bikes help Riders be Seen

The annual burning man festival is a gathering of thousands of people in a desert environment to share an incredible experience. While there are all sorts of amazing sights and sounds present, one attraction in particular always drew a crowd and it was never meant to be a part of the show.

Dan Goldwater used to ride around with his kaleidoscopic LED lights on the spokes of his wheels through Burning Man at night wowing people in the process. 

Everywhere that I took it, people would run down the street after me and ask, where could they get this thing?” Mr. Goldwater said.

It was those experiences that laid the foundation for Monkeyelectric, a bicycle equipment company that sells LED lighting for your wheels instead of just front and back. 

You can buy a set of LED lights anywhere from $25-$60 and when they spin, they produce a mini light show for anyone watching such as hearts, skulls, and rainbows.

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