Rome Swaps to LED Lighting and Suffer Backlash

Everyone seems to be on board with swapping to LED lighting and for good reason. LED lights last longer and use less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

There is a time and a place for LED lighting and different colors and hues can affect your mood. Unfortunately, Virginia Raggi did not get the memo as there have been a 100,000 LED lamps installed on the streets of Rome. While they are estimated to save Rome millions on their electricity bills, the residents are less than impressed. 

Some have compared it to a “hospital, a morgue or a cemetery.”  

Despite the potential environmental and savings benefits, there are people leading the charge to reverse the decision. One resident, Nathalie Naim, is leading the charge.

“Illumination is atmosphere,” she said emphatically. “They are assassins of the beauty of Rome, of its history.”


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