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Joe L. Loveland, CO

Very friendly, knowledgeable, thorough service. Thank you.

Joe B. Fort Collins, CO

Adam did a good job. He was personable and competent. His communication skills were very good. Thank you

Brian H. Fort Collins, CO

I called them one day for an emergency problem, they were quick to respond, and it turned out it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. They took the time to inspect my problem and found out that it was just a minor fix and not the major problem that another company told me I had.

Kerri H. Fort Collins, CO

Tad is the honest professional electrician you are looking for when looking to hire for electrical work. He is prompt to complete the work on time and the quality of work is second to none. Tad has worked on my home and I would not hesitate to recommend him to all my friends and clients.

Call Tad, he answers his calls and delivers above your expectations!

David M. Fort Collins, CO

I had small project and was having problems finding someone to come look at it. After several calls to other companies and told it was too small, Chadwick electric services came right out and got me taken care of. I would highly recommend them.

Nathan Y. Fort Collins, CO

Chadwick Electric Service Rocks!

We had to call an electrician on a Sunday a few months ago and they was able to squeeze us into their schedule thankfully, because they found a problem that had been festering for a mere 25 YEARS in our electric box. The best part about his service was that Don took the time to explain the problem to my wife (love that lady, but she’s not about the wrench at all) and was able to break it down into two options for us: The “get-us-up-and-running-quickly fix” and the “you-need-to-seriously-replace-all-of-this long-term fix.” We went with the temporary solution and he told us it would probably only last a few weeks, giving us just enough time to knock off a liquor store to pay for the permanent solution.

I’m happy to report that it’s been a few months and we have had plenty of time to avoid armed robbery by just setting a few bucks aside every week, knowing that Don’s prophecy would soon come to pass. The problem is now showing every sign of returning (just as he called it) and I couldn’t be happier calling him today to start planning on doing the “big job.” Well, other than not having to call him, anyway. No offense, Don.

Congrats, you’ve found your new electrician!

Pat A. Fort Collins, CO

Jon Longshore has been great! I specifically called him this time to set up an appointment because he was so kind to us the last time he came. Although both calls were “minor”, he didn’t make us feel stupid. He did an excellent job both times that he was here. You’re lucky to have him as an employee!

Kimon B. Loveland, CO

Chadwick was very prompt in returning our calls and sorting the scope of work required. They then provided a very reasonable estimate and performed the work in a very timely manner. We would be happy to recommend them to other customers.

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